Bluegold is going to be in charge of the design, construction and commissioning of the water treatment plant needed for the cogeneration power plant that Iberdrola & GE are building in San Juan del Río (Queretaro), Mexico

Bluegold Mexico

GE Energy together with Iberdrola Energía México have put their trust on BlueGold Desalación S.L. to Design, build, supply and commissioning of a water treatment plant for the cogeneration power plant that they are building in San Juan del Rio (Queretaro), Mexico.

The water treatment plant designed by BlueGold is will consist of a first pre-filtration stage using multimedia filters, followed by a deionization stage with EDI cells to produce water for the steam boilers.

San Juan del Rio’s power plant is going to produce up to 100 Mega Watts of energy and self-consuming steam. This capacity will be enough to provision more than 500.000 Mexican houses with energy.

By the acquisition of this engineering project, Bluegold Desalación S.L. keeps expanding its global business area and strengthens its presence in America with the continuous objective of keeping expanding and developing new projects all around the globe.

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