Human Resources

At BlueGold we form a hugely specialized multidisciplinary team, composed by highly prepared young enthusiasts with a great expertise in the sector we normally operate as water, industrial and environment.

We continuously apply the most advanced technologies and techniques.

Our innovation ability, desire to improve and the search of the highest quality, all together with our environmental friendliness enables us to offer a detailed, complete and customized advice for any project despite the ambitious and complicated it might look like.

Thanks to this complete team of professionals we’ve become one of the benchmark companies in the sector. Our team is composed by Industrial, Agricultural, Civil and Chemical Engineers, Graduates in Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences, all supported by a big administration team.

The team work ability, desire to improve, professionalism, responsibility, commitment to the environment and being close to the client are the key factors that enables us to offer very high quality and makes us stand out from our competitors.