Water treatment technologies

BlueGold has 19 years of experience in providing water treatment solutions. For both urban and industrial use, we offer professional advice and the most advanced technologies for water treatment. A wide range of projects developed in the sector, during our trajectory, guarantee our professionalism.

Of all the water present on Earth, only 2.5% is fresh. Even so, of that percentage, only 0.4% of that water is actually fit for consumption. That is why it is necessary to have specialized advice on proper water management. The most advanced technology will also allow you to optimize resource costs.

Water treatment technologies

Wastewater treatment

We design and install wastewater treatment plants.

Water treatment technologies


Removal of salts and pollutants from surface, ground, brackish and sea waters

Water treatment technologies


A water suitable for industrial use, a water free of mineral salts and dissolved solids with a high degree of purity.

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Water treatment solutions and technologies

It presents the combination of different processes, physical and chemical as well as biological. Its objective is to achieve a quality water that is consequently adapted to the needs of its purpose. Therefore, a wide range of processes oriented to different results makes a customized study necessary. In this way, it will be possible to provide solutions through water treatment technologies, making them, in effect, the best way to optimize the installation.

Water types


Biodegradable organic material


Waters with non-biodegradable organic matter

Oils and greases

Heavy metals

Saline water or brine

Industrial liquid waste



MBBR, MBR, Conventional Scrubbing, Chemical Oxidation, Chemical Oxidation
Chlorine dioxide, Ozone, Fenton catalytic oxidation, MBBR, MBR, ultrafiltration, ultrafiltration
Hydrocarbon Separator
Physical-Chemical Treatment, Adsorptive Filters, Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ion Exchange
Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration
Conventional purification, Ultrafiltration, MBR, MBBR, SBR, Reverse Osmosis
Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Chlorination, filtration


Bluegold offers a comprehensive service where you can find complete advice throughout the entire water treatment process: design, installation and maintenance. In addition to being able to offer the most diverse range of advice on those additional functions directly related to the installation, both related to the management of chemicals and electrical installations.

Servicios Bluegold Llave en mano

Turnkey contract

Personalized attention from our professionals during the whole process of design, assembly, installation and start-up.

Servicios Bluegold Consultoria


It allows to know those needs that the business requires to optimize its resources, to make its investment profitable and to know those deficiencies that can be corrected to achieve a better management.

Servicios Bluegold Reparación


We have a repair team to manage any type of incident in the installation, prevent complications and update your installation.

Servicios Bluegold Mantenimiento


By delegating the maintenance of your installation, you can concentrate your efforts in other areas of the company while a team of professionals takes care of the correct operation of your installations.


BlueGold is a specialist in providing individualized solutions for different water treatment processes.

Water treatment technologies


Production of industrial and demineralized water, treatment of chemical and hydrocarbon discharges, gas and effluent monitoring, chemical dosing.

Water treatment technologies

Energy (Power)

Demineralized water, Effluent Treatment, Hydrocarbon Separation, Chemical Dosing, Fire Fighting Pumping, Steam Analysis.

Water treatment technologies

Food sector

Production of drinking and good quality water, line disinfection, fluid concentration processes and separation of proteins and fats, wastewater treatment and water reuse.

Water treatment technologies

Hotels, hospitals

Drinking and sanitary water production, black and grey water treatment, grey water reuse, circuit disinfection, legionella control, corrosion and calcification control.

Water treatment technologies


Production of ultrapure and sanitary water, Sanitization of circuits, Cleaning and CIP loops. Effluent treatment.

Water treatment technologies


Production of industrial process water, wastewater treatment and reuse of effluents.

Water treatment technologies

Steel and metal industry

Production of pure water for cooling circuits, effluent treatment.

Water treatment technologies

Paper Industry

Effluent and effluent treatment and reuse of water for process water.

Water treatment technologies


Treatment of wastewater discharges with high COD.

Customer references

Water treatment technologies

Water treatment technologies Blue Gold has been working since 2006 with our Tarragona Combined Cycle power plant, supplying engineering consultancy, equipment and installation works and labor, with great success.

Water treatment technologies

Water treatment technologies Naturgy's combined cycle plants have contracted the services of Blue Gold with excellent results in water treatment improvements and steam monitoring services.

Water treatment technologies

Water treatment technologies  The BlueGold staff and their site management team work to good standards of quality and carry out their works in a responsible manner with good management of Health an Safety

Water treatment technologies

Water treatment technologiesYou did a very good job with the requirements we asked of you

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Water treatment technologies

19 years of experience in the development of engineering projects support us to offer technological solutions that give technical answers to: water treatment and electrical or chemical installations.


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Water treatment technologies    Water treatment technologies   Water treatment technologies

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